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Hi Jeff, I believe the following should give that information: http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-1/#formal-complex-type [...] 3 For each attribute information item in the element information item's [attributes] excepting those whose [namespace name] is identical to http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance and whose [local name] is one of type, nil, schemaLocation or noNamespaceSchemaLocation, the appropriate case among the following must be true: 3.1 If there is among the {attribute uses} an attribute use [...] 3.2 otherwise all of the following must be true: 3.2.1 There must be an {attribute wildcard}. 3.2.2 The attribute information item must be ·valid· with respect to it as defined in Item Valid (Wildcard) (§3.10.4). Best Regards, George -- George Cristian Bina XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger http://www.oxygenxml.com Jeff Greif wrote:... (more)

Re: Cannot close an XML file used for parsing

Hi Everyone,   I have added the additional I/O statements in the finally clause as follows but the problem still persisted:   readData() // reading data (html) from the webpage and save it in html format. try {     …. } catch { …. } finally {        System.out.flush();        isInHtml.close();        disInHtml.close();        fosOutHtml.flush();        fosOutHtml.getFD().sync();        fosOutHtml.close(); }   // convert the html webpage format to xml format try {     …. } catch { …. } finally {        System.out.flush();        fwOutXml.flush();        fwOutXml.close();        pwOutXml.flush();        pwOutXml.close(); }   Below is a short listing of the new XML file:     - < - <   <more)

RE: Validate **against** a schema OR validate **with** a schem

Augmentation (defaulting from the DTD) tightly binds DTDs to instances.  I think there is healthy consensus tight binding of DTDs to instances is a bad idea.   len   -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of David Orchard Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 2:54 PM To: Andrew Welch Cc: G. Ken Holman; [email protected] Subject: Re: Validate **against** a schema OR validate **with** a schema?   Defaulting values came from SGML days and DTDs..  So it's been around for a while.  Many folks have wanted the validation and augmentation steps separate though no real progress on that. Dave On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Andrew Welch wrote: >> 2. I validated the XML instance document with the schema. > > ... when I'm using validation to augment my XML.... imho, "validation" and "augment" should be kept separate...... (more)

RE: Namespaces enable recognition of the type of document, but

No, namespaces don't identify the type of document. All FpML messages, for example, use the same namespace. They also share the same root element name; in this vocabulary the type of document is identified by an xsi:type attribute. Other vocabularies have other conventions. Michael Kay http://www.saxonica.com/ > -----Original Message----- > From: Costello, Roger L. [mailto:[email protected]] > Sent: 22 March 2009 13:50 > To: '[email protected]' > Subject: Namespaces enable recognition of the type > of document, but what about recognition of the instance? > > > Hi Folks, > > Consider a task that receives various types of documents. The > task needs to "recognize" the type of each document to enable > subsequent processing. > > The type of an XML document can be recognized by its > namespace. Thus, a task at a health-care insurance company > can recognize the following XML doc... (more)

Tribold Nominated as Triple Finalist for Innovation Awards

Product Agility software solution finalist in three separate categories for prestigious industry awards London, UK - May 7, 2013: Tribold, the world's leading provider of software solutions powering product agility today announced it is a finalist in three separate categories in the Pipeline COMET Innovation Awards 2013: Product Innovation category: The Tribold Configure Price Quote (CPQ) services engine, Tribold CPQ, received the accolade of Pipeline COMET Product Innovation finalist. The product powers the front end of the Quoting and Order Capture process to make the revenue critical Order-to-Install process product-aware by providing the backbone to intelligently guide customers, partners and sales representatives in selecting relevant products in response to their requirements. See more details at: www.tribold.com/products/tribold-cpq/ Best Deployment Category... (more)

6 Steps to Continuous Integration for Development Testing

By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft Build automation is undeniably a critical component of Continuous Integration. But in the most creative and advanced companies, Continuous Integration extends far beyond build automation, enabling them to achieve greater scalability, productivity, and quality throughout the SDLC. Here are 6 steps to taking your Development Testing activities (and more) from manual integration to Continuous Integration—in less than a day. 1. Identify Manual Processes Start off by taking an inventory of your regular time-consuming efforts. Your goal is to identify tedious “must do” tasks that you or your team performs over and over. The processes you identify may include: Transferring files between machines Entering commands in a console Copying data between different systems or into another format Visually verifying information, data, or... (more)

iSyndica Raises $350K in Angel Funding During Its Series A Financing

NASHUA, N.H., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- iSyndica announces today that it has raised an initial $350K as part of its series A. The funds will fuel iSyndica's growth in the internet-distribution market. Lead investors include Jayesh Parekh, founder of Sony Entertainment Television, and Greg Blackwood, a veteran Pan-Asia investment professional. iSyndica, a digital media-distribution platform, allows photographers and video producers to easily manage and distribute their portfolios on the Web. The series A funding will help the company improve its marketing efforts and accelerate product development. Gwyn Jones, CEO of iSyndica, says: "We continue moving toward our goal of providing a multi-category platform. The money will support the expansion of our digital content platform to vectors, eBooks and music." Sebastian Coursol, iSyndica's CTO, brings more than nine year... (more)

RV Rental Outlet Experiences Record Growth in Recreational Vehicle Rentals for Vacationers and Businesses

TEMPE, AZ -- (Marketwire) -- 08/10/09 -- Economic times have not slowed down vacationers and businesses that are turning to RV Rental Outlet for luxury recreational vehicle rentals to extend their travel budgets. In the past six month, RV Rental has experienced 60% growth in the number of RV rentals and a 50% increase in the number of days rentals are on the road. In order to accommodate for the explosive growth, RV Rental Outlet has nearly doubled the fleet size of Class C motor homes and moved from a 1/4-acre location in Mesa to 1 and 1/2 acres in Tempe. The additional space has allowed RV Rental Outlet to expand services with onsite secure RV customer storage facilities, an RV parts store, RV service and repair, propane sales and a waste dump station. They even offer firewood. The new services and growth in rentals has also resulted in new jobs, with a 50% increas... (more)

RiverGlass Introduces Web and File System Scanner to Open Source Community

WEST CHICAGO, IL -- (Marketwire) -- 08/18/09 -- RiverGlass now offers RiverGlass® EssentialScanner, an Open Source web and file systems scanner, to the Lucene developer community under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The tool is intended for developers in need of robust yet low-cost and easy-to-deploy scanner capabilities as part of larger enterprise search solutions they are building. Information collection covering internal repositories and file systems as well as the WWW is supported. "RiverGlass® EssentialScanner is the same technology base upon which we build our intelligent search solutions currently in use at numerous government agencies and corporations. We are excited to make our scanner technology available to the Open Source community and hope our extensive experience working with Lucene will benefit others. We also look forward to a lively... (more)

WANdisco to Play Key Role on Subversion Open Source Project

WANdisco, a leading provider of infrastructure software for replication, scalability & high availability, today announced that the company has hired core developers to contribute to the Subversion open source project. Dave Brown is WANdisco’s new Director of Open Source. Prior to joining WANdisco, Dave co-founded Gauntlet Systems, which was acquired by Borland in 2006. Dave continued as Principal Architect, leading the design and integration of Gauntlet with other Borland products. Before his time at Gauntlet, Dave was a lead engineer at BEA and WebLogic. At BEA, he helped propel the WebLogic application server to its market-leading position. Before WebLogic, Dave was one of the early engineers who developed the Java Virtual Machine at Sun Microsystems. Dave earned an MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Yale ... (more)

Ingres Signs Reseller Agreement With HVR Software

Ingres Corporation, the leading open source database management company and pioneer of the New Economics of IT, announced today that it has entered into a global reseller agreement with HVR Software b.v. As part of the agreement, Ingres will resell HVR’s Realtime Data Integration software, branded as Ingres HVR. HVR (high volume replicator) is a robust and reliable real-time data integration solution. It has a proven track record in business situations where there is a requirement for high availability and real-time business intelligence. HVR’s performance and scalability allows it to replicate very large databases in real-time. Its design and rich functionality also mean that difficult system migrations can be implemented with minimum effort, downtime, or risk. “Having worked with Ingres for many years, we have always been impressed with its ability to embrace pa... (more)

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The precious oil is extracted from the seeds of prickly pear cactus plant. After taking out the seeds from the fruits, they are adequately dried and then cold pressed to obtain the oil. Indeed, the prickly seed oil is quite expensive. Well, that is understandable when you consider the fact that the seeds are really tiny and each seed contain only about 5% of oil in it at most, plus the seeds are usually handpicked from the fruits. This means it will take tons of these seeds to produce just one bottle of the oil for commercial purpose. But from its medical properties to its culinary importance, skin lightening, moisturizing, and protection abilities, down to its extraordinary hair care properties, prickly seed oil has got lots of excellent rewards for anyone who pays the price.
The platform combines the strengths of Singtel's extensive, intelligent network capabilities with Microsoft's cloud expertise to create a unique solution that sets new standards for IoT applications," said Mr Diomedes Kastanis, Head of IoT at Singtel. "Our solution provides speed, transparency and flexibility, paving the way for a more pervasive use of IoT to accelerate enterprises' digitalisation efforts. AI-powered intelligent connectivity over Microsoft Azure will be the fastest connected path for IoT innovators to scale globally, and the smartest path to cross-device synergy in an instrumented, connected world.
There are many examples of disruption in consumer space – Uber disrupting the cab industry, Airbnb disrupting the hospitality industry and so on; but have you wondered who is disrupting support and operations? AISERA helps make businesses and customers successful by offering consumer-like user experience for support and operations. We have built the world’s first AI-driven IT / HR / Cloud / Customer Support and Operations solution.
ScaleMP is presenting at CloudEXPO 2019, held June 24-26 in Santa Clara, and we’d love to see you there. At the conference, we’ll demonstrate how ScaleMP is solving one of the most vexing challenges for cloud — memory cost and limit of scale — and how our innovative vSMP MemoryONE solution provides affordable larger server memory for the private and public cloud. Please visit us at Booth No. 519 to connect with our experts and learn more about vSMP MemoryONE and how it is already serving some of the world’s largest data centers. Click here to schedule a meeting with our experts and executives.
Darktrace is the world's leading AI company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System is the first non-consumer application of machine learning to work at scale, across all network types, from physical, virtualized, and cloud, through to IoT and industrial control systems. Installed as a self-configuring cyber defense platform, Darktrace continuously learns what is ‘normal' for all devices and users, updating its understanding as the environment changes.